Yoga classes in Conil

With Yoga you can disconnect and learn to calm your mind. Together we practice on the beach in Conil to connect with the elements of nature. Relax on your holidays by the sea with breathing techniques, flowing movements, meditation und find your inner balance in beautiful Andalusia.

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You are already in Conil and want to join a Yoga class?

We offer open classes for all levels in groups of at least 4 people. Yoga mats and accessories are included and disinfected after each class.


To reserve your mat in our class send us a WhatsApp directly.

*the price is 15€ per person and per session. The price is valid for classes in groups of 75 minutes with a minimum of 4 people. 


With Polarity - Yoga and Fitness in Conil we offer different classes for every level.

Polarity is more than fitness, ist's body and mind training to enhance your body awareness with Yoga, BODYART & DEEPWORK.

Move in connection with your breath and in your own breathing rhythm. In an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class we flow and grow with soft movements of the Sun Salutation. You move at your own pace and have the space to meditate within the movements. Enjoy the freedom to choose your own level and also step out of your comfort zone to expand your horizons for more strength and stability. 

Let's start a wonderful day in balance with Yoga to recharge your energy for your vacation in Andalusia. 

In the afternoon we practice energetic Yoga classes to calm the mind and center the energy of Yin and Yang in our body to regain our balance. 

Our energetic classes such as BODYART Flow or fascia Yoga are more about the quality of movement by exploring the full range of motion and developing more awareness of movement without any strength.


The open classes are suitable for everyone ,so you can participate without previous Yoga experience. The practice is structured in different levels for beginners and advanced, that all yogis can find their own dynamic and flow.


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BODYART and DEEPWORK are both concepts in that we train body and mind to balance the energy of Yin and Yang. 

In dynamic or energetic classes we connect the body with mind and soul in harmony. BODYART is the training based on strength with repetitive movement sequences adapted to your own breathing. 

Do you want to gain more strength, flexibility, concentration and stability? Then BODYART is the perfect course concept for you to achieve more body awareness and consciousness in your movements.


In a DEEPWORK class we train with joy in movement to increase endurance as well as strength and coordination. We don't train synchronously or to the rhythm of the music, we just use it for motivation. It's your choice where you want to go, so you can train at your own level and pace to feel more inside.




BODYART is a concept you can't describe. It is more an inner experience than a training of strength or flexibility. You go into a certain zone where you feel you can release, physically and mentally, like when you relax. 

BODYART is everything! 

Different people love different things like a taste, sour, creamy, spicy. It's a big challenge you need to feel and explore. BODYART has different faces and it depends on the type of class for example energetic, strength or dynamic.


BODYART is the global workout that you have to experience and everybody creates a different kind of experience.